Vacation with your dog

Walking along the beach with your dog with the wind blowing in your hair? That's possible at Qurios! All our parks are pet-friendly and provide pet-eligible accommodations. At Qurios, it is permitted to bring one dog on your vacation. The holiday parks of Qurios are located near the beach where your dog can frolic around or jump into the sea.

Vacation with your dog

Egmond aan Zee with your dog 

During your beach vacation in Egmond aan Zee there are several options where you are permitted to take your dog. But beware, there are a few rules. At different parts of the beach, there are different rules concerning the permission of letting the dogs run freely on the beach.

  • Summer (1st of May until 1st of October

Egmond aan Zee: dogs are allowed to run off leash on the beach between 7 pm and 10am, and between 10am and 7pm they must be on the leash.

  • Winter (1st of October until 1st of May)


Egmond aan Zee: dogs are allowed to run of leash all day long

The rules in the dunes

There is a wide range of hiking trails through the dunes to enjoy the beauty of nature with your dog. At the beginning of the paths you will find signs that indicate exactly in which areas your dog is allowed to run off leash. So please make sure to take good notice of these signs during your walk! In the summer period (1 May to 1 September) dogs must always be walked on a leash in the dunes.

There are several places where you can walk your dog off leash and your dog can run around freely. Namely in Egmond aan den Hoef: Noordlob, Robbenzand and Kroonstad

Bloemendaal aan Zee with your dog

In the park in Bloemendaal aan Zee, there are some accommodations, where you can bring one dog max (no other pets permitted). The park is located only 100 m from the beach. Perfect to stroll together at the beach.

There are special, pet-friendly accommodation at both parks, Qurios Bloemendaal, as well as Qurios Egmond.
There is a maximum of one dog per house. A dog costs € 5,00 per night.

It is not allowed to let your dog run free, please leash your dog.
Also, do not leave your dog alone in the accommodation.

If you would lile to bring your dog, please mention before your arrvial. 

On the beach, dogs are permitted as follows:

In the period from October 1 to April 15, dogs are allowed to roam free on the whole beach. North of IJmuiderslag, dogs are allowed to run off leash throughout the year. Also between Parnassia and the northern nude beach, your dog may run off leash. Outside of this area, your dog must be taken on the leash during the summer period. Dogs on the leash are allowed along Parnassiaweg, between the entrance of Parnassia kiosk and Parnassia restaurant. This is located within walking distance of Bloemendaal aan Zee.


Landgoed Carpera

The country estate Landgoed Carpera is part of Zuid-Kennemerland National Park and is located on the edge of the highest peak of the Kennemeer Dunes (Kennemeerduinen), called Het Kopje van Bloemendaal, the head of Bloemendaal. In this park, dogs may run of leash all year round, with the exception of the area around the theatre (located near the entrance). The estate offers different types of forests and you will find several viewpoints with beautiful panoramic views towards Haarlem or Amsterdam. The hiking park is completely fenced and there is a special dog-pitch and a clean lake where dogs can swim. You will also find a marked hiking path where cyclists are not allowed. In short, a wonderful area to roam about freely!

You can park your car (for free) at the right hand side of Zomerzorgerlaan and along Hoge Duin and Daalseweg. Alternatively, you can go a little further to the parking lot of the restaurant De Uitkijk at number 6, or a little further still to the large parking lot (about 200 spaces) at the end of Hoge Duin or Daalseweg.

Access to the park is against a fee. A day ticket costs € 1 per person and dog and you can pay at the counter at the entrance.