Beach of Zandvoort

Beach of Zandvoort

The village that was called Sandvoeren in the year 1100 has been transformed into Amsterdam Beach. Zandvoort’s beautiful sandy beach offers something for everyone. It’s less than half an hour from Amsterdam – hence the name, Amsterdam Beach. With a coastline stretching 9 km, Zandvoort is a wonderful place for swimming, sunbathing, picnicking or just getting a breath of fresh air.

Zandvoort also has a large selection of restaurants on the beach, all within walking distance of your favourite holiday home. Click here for the best spots on the beach.


Pepsports is the water sports centre in Zandvoort. It offers taster sessions and courses and you can even store your equipment here. You can try your hand at wave surfing, kite surfing and SUPing. You can also rent and store equipment here: useful if you stay at Qurios Zandvoort more often. Try the beach clubs for food and drinks. 

Holiday with your dog

On holiday your dog should not be missing! Our park has a few accommodations where you can bring a maximum of one dog per cottage. Curious about the rules for your dog at the park and on the beach? Then click here. 

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