Surroundings tips Zandvoort

Surroundings tips Zandvoort

Cycling in Zandvoort

Zandvoort is the ideal destination for a cycling holiday. Discover the beautiful dunes, the city of Haarlem or the long beach boulevard, all accessible by bike.

Beach of Zandvoort

During your perfect beach holiday, the beach of Zandvoort should not be missed. Curious about what there is to do on the beach?

Visit a city

Did you know that from Zandvoort you can be in Haarlem or Amsterdam in no time?

Casino of Zandvoort

Fanatic roulette player searching for a good night out or just curious what happens behind the closed doors of a casino? So how about daring a gamble at Zandvoort casino?

Playing Golf in Zandvoort

Playing golf in the middle of the dunes, surrounded by nature. This is possible at ‘Golf Course The Dunes’ in Zandvoort. From beginner to advanced, everyone is welcome!

Zandvoorts Museum

During your stay at Qurios Zandvoort you can also visit the Zandvoorts Museum. The museum has a nice permanent collection and a changing collection.

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