Vacation with your dog

With your dog to Qurios Gulpen

On vacation your four-legged friend should not be missing! Our park Qurios Gulpen has some accommodations where you can bring a maximum of two dogs per cottage. The park is located directly in the hilly country, great for long walks with beautiful views.

Because not all our guests love dogs, we ask you to take this into account and to keep your dog on a leash in the park at all times and not to leave your dog alone in the lodge. Because of the correct availability and registration it is mandatory to indicate when booking that your faithful four-legged friend is coming with you. You pay €5,00 per night for the dog.

Where is your dog allowed to run loose?

From your cottage you are directly with your dog in the hilly country. Qurios Gulpen is located directly in an area of hills, sunflowers, corn fields and extensive hiking trails. But where is the dog allowed to run free? We have listed the rules of the area for you.

- In built-up areas the dog must be kept on a leash.

- Dogs must be kept on a leash on all footpaths that pass through meadows.

- In specific areas, dogs are only allowed on a leash. These areas are indicated on this map.

A long walk in the Euverem area

During your vacations in Gulpen you have all possibilities to walk with your dog. There is a walking route directly from the vacation park of 12 kilometers. During this walk you have beautiful views over the hills, walk along the forest edges and pass your castle Neubourg. You will find the whole route here

Do you prefer the shorter variant? Of course you can. The shorter version of 5.7 kilometers can be found via this lin k.

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