Adjusted programme

Welcome! It's great to have you here. We know you're gonna have a great time. And do you know what? There is always something going on at the Qurios Club. Are you curious about what you can do during your stay? Then keep on reading.

All Qurios parks offer activities or an animation programme. Currently, there is an adjusted programme where the kids can borrow fun gadgets, sports, and game materials, also known as Qurios Gear, or do exciting assignments from the QuriosTV.

The Qurios Club borrow on Qurios Ameland, Bloemendaal aan Zee and Zandvoort is open every week on the following days:
Monday to Sunday
From 10:00 to 12:00
From 14:00 to 16:00
From 18:00 to 20:00

The Qurios Club borrow at Qurios ECO Grevelingenstrand is open every week on the following days:
Monday to Sunday
From 08:00 to 11:00
From 16:00 to 19:00

Are you staying at Qurios ECO Grevelingenstrand? Rent your own SUP or canoe at the reception and go directly from your cottage on the water! 

Accessibility Qurios Club and Qurios Gear
We can be reached at a special phone number. This number is only available for questions regarding the Qurios Club orif you want to borrow Qurios Gear. For other questions please contact the reception.
The telephone number on which the Qurios Club can be reached:
Bloemendaal: +31(0)6-82142401
Zandvoort: +31(0)6-82458800
Ameland: +31(0)6-82601226


Qurios Club. It’s for Everyone. Completely Free of Charge

Collecting Qurios Coins and the Qurios Club Shop
You can collect Qurios Coins during your stay at Qurios. You can earn Qurios Coins by taking part in challenges and activities, completing a mission, using an item of Qurios Gear and in many other ways. Ask at reception or the Qurios Club for more information about collecting Qurios Coins

You can exchange your Qurios Coins for fantastic gifts like a mini SuperQ or cool tattoos.
You’ll find opening times for the Qurios Club Shop in the programme. If you have an early departure, you can also exchange your Qurios Coins at reception.

Kids Experience

Did you know that at this special Qurios Club Bakfiets we ride around the park and organize fun activities? Pay attention and who knows, you might run into us! Would you like to join us?

Foto's Kids Club

Can you see this lovely bear?  You won’t see one anywhere else. Do you know why?  Because he’s the only one and his name is SuperQ. SuperQ has all sorts of adventures. Did you know that SuperQ has a special wish ear? Whisper your wish in his ear, and who knows? Maybe your wish will come true during your holiday.

When the Qurios Club Team is in the park you can meet the extra-large SuperQ at story time with the extra-large story book. Extra-Large SuperQ would love it if you’d give him a great big hug.
If you’d like your very own SuperQ, they’re available to buy at reception.
Qurios Club Support logo

Qurios Club Gear

Search for treasure with a metal detector, film your holiday vlog with the GoPro or spot all kinds of animals with the telescope.
You can borrow one these gadgets free of charge and without a deposit from reception. You can have it on loan for a maximum of 4 hours, subject to availability and only when a parent or responsible adult signs for receipt.


Delivery service
In bad weather you can use the delivery service. To be able to do fun things inside we have several craft packages, but of course you can also borrow other Qurios Gear. We will bring them to your house as soon as possible. Craft kits are only available when the weather is bad. If you are in doubt whether the weather is bad, please contact the Qurios Club!


Metal detector


Foto's Kids Club

Social Media en YouTube

Qurios is also active on social media. You already know where to find all the Qurios Club videos on YouTube. Watch all the films of Wilfreek, Beachcomber or maybe even the Masterchef Kitchen. Send us your own films at #QuriosClub or post a selfie! Don't forget to fallow us and give us a like!

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Qurios TV

You can watch a range of episodes in your cottage and on YouTube. Every day there's a new episode of Masterchef, The wish of the day and an exciting new story about SuperQ. There are also hidden missions for you on Qurios TV with Qurios Coins for you to win. Will you be able to find them? 

See more on YouTube




Qurios Clubdance

SuperQ has a really cool club dance that we'll be doing at the Qurios Club and at other activities. Don't worry; you can learn it before you come to Qurios. To help you do this we've recorded the dance in easy-to-learn pieces. You'll find it on the internet. Learn it before you arrive and impress all your friends when you're on holiday.

Here are the instructions for the club dance.

Qurios Club Dance

Qurios Clubdance instructions