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The Qurios Club. For everyone. Totally free.

Welcome! We're super glad that you are there. We know for sure that you will have a great time. And you know what? Often there is also a Qurios Club Team present. So you can do a lot of fun things. Take a look at the program. But that is not all, because we are going to challenge you every day. Exciting, right?!

The Qurios Club

Here you will find everything about the Qurios Club! Curious about the program and what there is to do?

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Qurios Club Programme


What can you do when you are with us? Download the Qurios App and view the program!

Save coins and Qurios Club Shop

You can save coins during your stay on Qurios. You can save that by participating in challenges, activities, doing a good job, using an item from Qurios Gear or in another special way.

With these coins you can "buy" presents in the Qurios Club Shop. The schedule is when the Qurios Club Shop is open and otherwise you can always ask at the reception to exchange your coins.


If you are on holiday at Qurios, you can make a special bracelet. If you braid the bracelet neatly together, you can put it around your wrist. Nice huh! In addition, we have a special Qurios ribbon and with this ribbon, you are an official member of the Qurios Club! You can get the bracelet package at the reception.

Foto's Kids Club

Studio Q

Create the basis for your own YouTube channel: learn how to make and edit films in a day. Become a real vlogger in Studio Q.

Foto's Kids Club

Fast & Beautiful

Are you more a driver or a princess? Drivers build their own super fast soapbox. Princesses become the most beautiful dream girl in the universe. At Fast & Beautiful you can choose what you like best.

Foto's Kids Club

Discovery Lab

What do bacteria actually look like? Or how does electricity get into a battery? Put on your white lab coat, put on your professor glasses and find out for yourself. In Discovery Lab we look for the answers to the most interesting scientific questions.



This is a kids experience only for real diggers and go-getters. What story do you dig up? Who knows, you might even find something very old or precious. It certainly will be exciting!


Be a DJ!

Let the music take control! Learn to make your own music. Soon, you might be dancing on stage and playing like a real Qurios DJ!

Foto's Kids Club


Come closer. Do you see this special bear? You don't see many bears like that. That's because there is only one like this bear. His name is SuperQ and he's going on some very exciting adventures.

When the Qurios Club Team is present on the resort, you can meet the great Super Q every day. Big SuperQ would love it if you'd give him a hug.

Do you also want a Super Q for yourself? You can buy your own SuperQ at the reception.


Qurios Club Gear

Come closer. Do you see this special bear? You don't see much like that. That is not possible either. There is only one like this bear. His name is SuperQ and he is all experiencing exciting adventures.

If the Qurios Club Team is there then you can meet the great Super Q every day at the reading story with the large reading book. Big SuperQ would love it if you gave him a big hug.

Do you also want a Super Q yourself? you can buy this at the reception.


Metal detector



Qurios TV

Every day you can follow the adventures of SuperQ on our Youtube channel!

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Qurios Club on social media

Qurios is also active on Social Media. You can find all the footage of Qurios club on Youtube. Watch all the individual films by Wilfreek, de Jutter or perhaps the cooking lab. If you have fun items yourself, send them through the #QuriosClub or respond with a super fun selfie!

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