Qurios Greenkey


We take a no bells and whistles approach; small-scale and focused on an ecological footprint that is as small as possible. We ensure a warm welcome in our cottages with smart thermostats that know exactly when you are there. This has delivered a 30% saving in energy use. We use only green energy, which is 100% locally generated. Our cottages are also water efficient, and it goes without saying that we give you the option of separating your rubbish for recycling.

Enjoy Nature in an Environmentally Friendly Way

In our parks we cultivate plants native to the area which ensures that we not only do not disturb the local natural balance, but actually encourage its development. While servicing the park we use environmentally friendly cleaning products and drive electric vehicles. Nice and clean and environmentally responsible! 

We Reflect our Local Community

The people in our team form the pillars of the hospitality and good atmosphere in our parks. Our strength is a happy team. We offer our people a pleasant and healthy work environment and, most importantly, the room to develop with us as our organisation grows. We encourage our people to discover and develop their hidden talents.

Sustainable Food and Drink

Don’t feel like cooking? Seasonal, local produce provides the inspiration for the chefs in our brasserie. Our menu features exclusively sustainably caught fish and responsibly produced meat. We are a member of the Fish of the Season Foundation which helps us source maintainable fish.

Our local wine merchant is happy to advise you and supply you with a good selection of delicious organic wines. We would like to introduce you to coffee, tea and water by Earth Concepts. By drinking their products you contribute to supplying clean drinking water in areas where, unfortunately, it is still desperately needed.

Qurios Neighbours’ Night

We are proud of our Qurios Neighbours’ Night. This is when we invite our neighbours to spend a night with us so that we can get to know each other better. It also helps them to feel a part of what is happening in their neighbourhood. 

Working with Local Suppliers

We like to work with local traders who share our vision of sustainable business. We have already established numerous successful partnerships. We feel particularly connected with the residents of the Scorlewald Healthcare Facility who supply our give-aways and printed material with a great deal of passion and skill. In this way we try to be a good reflection of our society. 

Building the Future Together

Mutual involvement in our projects is the key to a sustainable future. Qurios chooses its partners with care and we only really become friends when we agree on sustainable solutions. We share knowledge with each other and dare to be critical. This results in transparent agreements that we are happy to sign, and means that good initiatives can be undertaken quickly. 

Green Key; our Roadmap

Maybe you have seen the green key hanging in our entrance? It is our Green Key Quality Mark. We are really proud of it. Green Key is an internationally recognised quality mark for sustainable companies in the leisure industry. We use the Green Key standards as a guide on our path to entrepreneurship with a focus on people and the environment. Our parks in Bloemendaal and on Ameland have been awarded a Golden Key, which is the highest attainable. Our park in Zandvoort will follow in 2019. Visit www.greenkey.nl for more information.

So, as you can see, we have created a place especially for you. A place where you can enjoy the local area and everything is taken care of for you. All this is possible because, at Qurios, hospitality and sustainability go hand in hand.

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