Discover Qurios

Comfortable beach vacations in Netherlands

Get a breath of fresh air on the beach and then cuddle up with each other while enjoying the sunset. Have a good meal from the barbecue and the most beautiful conversations under the clear starry sky. The Qurios holiday parks are all located on the Dutch coast, in the middle of the beautiful dunes. During your holiday by the sea in the Netherlands you can enjoy all the beauty that life has to offer with us.

The locations of Qurios are all located on the coast. Experience your most comfortable beach holiday this year on Ameland, in Callantsoog, Bloemendaal aan Zee, Zandvoort or the Grevelingen beach!

The Qurios-giftcard!

Are you looking for a unique gift for every occasion: both private and business? Order the Qurios-Giftcard. This will give you a special gift for a special moment.

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