Coronavirus measures in the Netherlands

What is allowed during my stay and what not?

Corona rules in the Netherlands

Of course, you like to spend your holiday as uncomplicated as possible. However, we understand that there are currently many questions regarding traveling. We have collected a few questions, which will hopefully help you to enjoy your holiday at Qurios without any worries and get your well-deserved rest.  

Can I go out to eat?

Unfortunately, is the restaurant closed due to the latest Corona measures. Luckily, each of our cottages has a nice kitchen and most parks have a shop where you can do your shopping. Additionally is the supermarket just around the corner. So, cooking for you and your family is certainly possible! Don't feel feel like cooking or getting on your bike to the nearest supermarket? Then you can always use our take-away service. This way you can enjoy the most delicious food from the Brasserie in your cottage. 

Are restaurant patios open?

Restaurant patios are unfortunately closed at the moment. Fortunately, each cottage has a beautiful veranda where you can sit with the whole family and enjoy the outdoors. Don't feel like staying in the park, but do you still want to enjoy the outdoors? Then enjoy the surroundings and go to the beach. It is just around the corner after all. 

In the supermarket

In most stores, but most certainly in the supermarket, the store itself decides how many people can be inside at the same time. Almost everywhere it is mandatory to use a shopping cart, or at least a shopping basket. This, however, can vary depending on the location. It would be good if you do not go inside with more than one person at a time. Preferably also do not take your children with you either, unless it is absolutely necessary. In most stores rules are clearly communicated at the entrance. This rule also applies to all Qurios Parks, at the reception, and in the mini-shop. 

Are there rules in public transport?

It is currently recommended to travel by public transport only when it's really necessary because there needs to be enough space for the people that are really dependent on public transport.  If for any reason you have to use public transport during your holiday, passengers of 13 years and older are obliged to wear a face mask. So use your bike as often as possible is the motto!

The ferry to Ameland
The ferry to and from Ameland is also covered by the public transport scheme. So don't forget your face mask here either.

Visiting the museum

Depending on the size of a museum, the maximum number of persons is determined. The distance of 1.5-metres must be guaranteed at any time, as well. Most museums can only be entered by reservation. Your visit will then be planned within a certain period of time. 

How many people are allowed in one car?

Since July 1st you are allowed to travel with two or more people who do not belong to the same houehould in one car. However, in that case you are advised to wear face masks. 

On the beach or in a park

It is also important to keep a distance of 1.5-metres in public outdoor places. The rules here are often set by a local authority or safety region. Follow the instructions given when entering the beach or a park. Always avoid groups of more than 4 people when not from the same household in public.  

Qurios up-to-date

Rules and measures regarding the coronavirus are constantly changing. Qurios tries to keep you as well informed as possible about the latest developments. Keeping your distance is and remains for the time being the only possibility to return to normal life at least to some extent. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding because it is the only way we can continue to enjoy the little things in life together. 

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