You aren't able to go on holiday because of the Coronavirus? Apply for a voucher.

The Recreation Voucher

Please note that we no longer issue recreation vouchers. To cancel or change your reservation, please contact our guest service. This page is intended for guests who still have a recreation voucher, issued until 14 June 2020.


At this moment the following conditions are in force, these are subject to change:

  • The value of the voucher is equal to the amount you already paid.
    If the costs associated with the new booking are higher than the value of the voucher, you will be required to pay the difference. If the cost of the new booking is less than the value of the voucher, no refund will be made, but the balance will remain on your voucher.
  • The voucher is not exchangeable for money.
    This means that in case of cancellation of the new booking, Qurios is not obliged to refund any advance payment, nor to (re)pay the value of the voucher. 
  • Do I have to spend the entire amount of the leisure voucher at once?
    No, that is not necessary. You decide how you spend the value of the recreation voucher. If the price of your new booking is lower than the value of the recreation voucher, you can keep the remaining amount as a recreation voucher. We therefore recommend that you keep the recreation voucher.
  • I will not be going on holiday before 30 September 2021. Can you pay me the (remaining) value of the holiday voucher?
    Would you like to go on holiday after 1 October with your recreation voucher? That is possible. You can even use it to book a holiday in 2022. The Consumer and Market Authority (ACM) and the Ministry of Economic Affairs have agreed that the (remaining) value of the recreation voucher can be paid out. You can request this when the recreation voucher is 1 year old. You can do this using this form. 
  • I have lost my recreation voucher. Can I get a new one?
    Please contact our guest service. We will gladly send you your recreation voucher again. 


Do you have a voucher, but are you not planning to book another trip? Then you can have the value of the voucher refunded. This is possible from one year after receiving the voucher. To request a refund, you can use this form. 

  • Can I still use the voucher? Yes, you can use the voucher for a new trip.
  • When will the money be refunded?
    Did you request a refund? Then we will refund the amount within one month. Important condition is that the voucher is at least one year old at the time of the request. Is your voucher less than a year old? Then you can already fill in the form, but the money will not be refunded immediately.  


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