We are happy to serve and assist you any time and will ensure that you experience a vacation that you will remember for a long time. We think it is important that you have plenty time and space to unwind. Are you curious to find out what other guests say about Qurios? Then check out their comments.

The holiday park Qurios Egmond aan Zee is the ideal place to unwind and relax. The small-scale park is situated on the edge of the dunes and has been rated 9.4 out of 10 on Zoover.  In 2015, Qurios Egmond aan Zee won the Zoover Awards that Zoover has been granting annually to the best rated holiday homes since 2009.

Qurios Bloemendaal aan Zee is a new holiday park and already gets excellent ratings on Zoover. We are proud of the 9.2 that we have achieved.


Guest reviews on Qurios

What enrichment! Finally a park that is very close to the beach. And on top of that, these are not the normal holiday park type homes, but really something quite different. The park is situated in a pan, so there is only a little wind, just lovely. When you arrive at the park, you immediately feel at home. There are large and small houses, but they all look great. It is a bit strange that some houses have a hammock and others don’t. This is a pity, because spending some time relaxing in the hammock just perfectly fits the feel of the park. But it hasn’t been open for long, so maybe they will adjust this.
Also, a slightly larger table outside would be nice.
We'll definitely be back!
3rd of July 2016

Great ambience at 100 m from the beach. Beautiful houses, luxurious decor and equipped with everything that you need. Especially in the houses of type Royal.


What a great new park almost directly on the beach of Bloemendaal, with very luxurious houses! We stayed with two couples in a type Royal holiday home. This was ideal, with a private bathroom for each couple and a great lounge sofa. In the immediate vicinity you can go walking or cycling. Everything is very well organized and luxurious. The restaurant is very cozy especially when you can sit outside, just brilliant.

All in all, we had a wonderful long weekend. We are now already booking for May of next year. I've already read this in other reviews, too: it would be great to have such a wonderful hammock in all the houses, and then it would be perfect.

7th of July 2016


The great feeling of camping with the luxury of a hotel room.

These fully furnished, luxurious tents feature all conveniences. Gorgeous beds, great decor, a fantastic bathroom with power shower, the kitchen features everything needed, and a cot complete with bedding for our 3 month old baby was waiting for us in the tent. Seating area with TV, a great porch with picnic table in the sun (also perfect for having a barbeque). For breakfast you can order fresh bread rolls, wonderful! The small-scale park consists of 16 tents with quite a lot of privacy. There is also a small playground. The bicycle hire is to be recommended, as it is 2.5 kilometers to the beach. We had a bike with a trailer for the MaxiCosi in order to take our little one along to the beach. To cut it short, we had a wonderful weekend!

15th of July 2016


Ratings that we received on our social media platforms

Ratings that we received on our social media platforms

Patricia Roukens: What a great park. We had a brilliant weekend!

Frank Römer: Had a wonderful time here, we will definitely come back again…

Gwenn van der Doelen: Just enjoy!

Patricia Roukens: In one word: WON-DER-FUL! 100% perfection, luxury and peace and quiet.