Qurios Green key certificering

Qurios Green

Share the simple things in life, that's our motto. An idea that guides us as a company, but that we would also like to convey to others. In our parks, you not only find back to yourself, but you also find back to each other. With your partner or with friends you’ll leave your daily worries behind. Together, you will experience the world around you. The activities in our parks are focused on discovering with all your senses. This way, you’ll rediscover the simple things in life in a completely different way! Through sharing, everything becomes more beautiful. Perhaps, this is the essence of hospitality. We are always ready to assist you and will ensure that you experience a vacation that you will remember for a long time.

The Green Key certification specifies strict guidelines, based on sustainability, environmental and socially responsible corporate governance. In addition, there are different levels. Qurios has been awarded the following certificates for Egmond aan Zee and Bloemendaal aan Zee:

Qurios Egmond aan Zee Noord-Holland Silver
Qurios Bloemendaal aan Zee Noord-Holland



Quality and sustainability go hand in hand

We give our best in dealing with the nature that surrounds us. No bells and whistles, small-scale layout and we include local products and cooperate with the local small and medium size businesses. That’s our nature.

We operate only one price, because that’s what we call unambiguous. Our accommodations are equipped with free Wi-Fi, ready-made beds and towel and tea towel set. End of stay cleaning is also included in the rent. Simply Qurios!

Collectively for sustainability 

We only work with suppliers who, like us, lead their companies with social responsibility and we include as many local organic products as possible.

For instance, in our Brasserie we serve sustainably caught fish and organic wines and fruit juices. Among others, we sell local cheeses in the supermarket.

In our Brasserie we serve coffee and tea from EARTH. EARTH COFFEE has been developed in collaboration with EARTH Concepts, known in the Netherlands through EARTH WATER. EARTH Concepts donate 100% of their net earnings to water projects in Asia and Africa. You can follow the projects that they finance on earthwater.nl/en-uk. EARTH COFFEE is a company that is managed with an eye on social responsibility. Apart from the unique bean mixture, the hip tableware design, the special sugar sticks and milk mugs complete the concept!

Acting sustainably

We use cleaning agents that are less polluting and are foreseen with a recognized eco-label, as well as microfiber cloths and dosing systems (both by us internally and also by the service companies that we hire). We work with green electricity from Eneco. The product: 100% Dutch wind from the offshore wind farm Luchterduinen.

We use motion detectors and only have LED lighting installed. We have been keeping an eye on the balance between the park and its surroundings from the beginning of the concept phase to the present day. Thus, there are exclusively natural plantings in our parks.

The parks are car-free to ensure peace and quiet for our guests. For maintenance and service only electric vehicles are used. There are also charging stations for electric cars available in the park. 

Socially responsible 

We have designed two Sea Houses that are fully accessible and wheelchair friendly. The Sea House Special is located close to the entrance and provides a private parking. A charming accommodation that is foreseen with everything you need so you can enjoy your vacation carefree!

The nicely decorated lodge can accommodate up to four persons and offers a spacious open plan living room which is equipped with high windows across the entire width. There are no thresholds or steps. The lodge has two bedrooms with ensuite bathroom with toilet each. One bedroom is equipped with two single box spring beds and in the other room you will find two high-low beds.

The adjoining bathroom to this bedroom is equipped with an extra wide door. The shower and toilet are adjusted for persons with a handicap. The kitchen is adjustable in height and equipped with an induction hob. To visit the beach, a special wheelchair for the beach can be provided upon request at the reception.

For this, we collaborate with Heliomare. 


Heliomare supports adults and children with disabilities, so that they are able to live as independently as possible, now and in the future. For Heliomare, the customer or patient is central. This means that Heliomare searches for opportunities with them. Heliomare operates in the areas of labor integration, day care, education, rehabilitation, sports and housing. So that people can continue to live independently. Heliomare also organizes vocational trainings and this way helps people to reintegrate. For a meaningful daytime occupation, Heliomare has established various job opportunities. Sport and rehabilitation of patients form an important part of the organization.